Do I need to visit a “foot doctor”?walking-on-beach

Our feet support our whole weight as we move, walk and run throughout the whole day. People often overlook the importance of healthy feet until they’ve experienced foot problems and we find that patients often too long before making an apointment

Our feet, those poor soles, are often taken for granted.

Further more, our footware makes a huge difference; wearing well-fitted shoes or orthodics versus shoving them into another pair of [beautiful] heels can greatly affect the health and comfort of your feet.

Foot pain is not normal.

If you have persistent pain or irritation, don’t try to “walk it off.” Foot pain can be chronic or acute and the fact that it supports your whole body means a variety of potential conditions can arise that can affect other body parts and overall health.walking

You should see a podiatrist if:

Dr. Yoshida is happy to discuss your concerns, and believes that quality patient care is of utmost importance.